Editorial piece ‘Why small victories matter’



2 thoughts on “Editorial piece ‘Why small victories matter’

  1. you need to look at darts .. even if stylized they need to be credible … also you could zoom in on the dart board for more impact .. what about just part of the dartboard?
    is it a picture of 3D space or flat decorative pattern? Do you intend the numbers to be like a real dartboard in the final artwork? What is your concept or idea? is your message ..’ scoring small points adds up to a large number in the end’? or something else? what do you think the article is about?

    • Thanks for the comments brian. I just wanted to show roughly the idea and would have practised different techniques for the final piece. I was going for the idea of how you kind of described it, that each scoring point is a victory in itself that makes a bigger victory overall. I did come up with some other ideas that I haven’t posted yet like a jigsaw puzzle.

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